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Who do I contact in a Town road maintenance emergency? 

You should leave a message at the Town Hall 715-488-2911. 


Am I allowed to burn in the Town of Anderson?

Call 888-WIS-BURN or



How do I turn in Gopher Tails?  How much are they worth and when do I get paid? Call and leave a message at the Town Hall 715-488-2911 to set up a time to turn in the Gopher tails and fill out the Gopher Control form.  The current Gopher Bounty is $3. We only pay for POCKET GOPHERS.  You will get a check written to you at the next regularly scheduled Board of Supervisors Meeting.


When and where does the Town Board of Supervisors meet?

The Town Board has its regularly scheduled monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Anderson Town Hall.


How do I get my dog license?
Contact the Treasurer, Patsy Tucker (see Town Contacts)


When are taxes due?
The first installment (if your total is over $100) is due January 31 and payable to the Town of Anderson Treasurer, Patsy Tucker (see Town Contacts). The second installment is due July 31 and is payable to the Burnett County Treasurer. The address for the County Treasurer is:
Burnett County Treasurer
7410 County Rd. K # 101
Siren, WI 54872


Does the town plow driveways?



Who should I call if I find a stray dog?
Contact Humane Society of Burnett County, Inc. at (715) 866-4096


Where are the meeting dates and times published?
All meetings are posted at the Town Hall, the intersection of Buckland/Hwy 87/48 and the intersection of County O/Hwy 87.  Those requiring publishing are published in the Inter-County Leader and the Indianhead Advertiser. We will also have this information on this web site.


Do I need a building permit in the Town of Anderson?
Yes. The Town of Anderson does not give out the permits. You will need to contact Daryl R. Bazey of House of Wood Inspections at (715) 472-8530 or 753 State Road 48, Luck, WI 54853.


Town of Anderson, Burnett County, Wisconsin
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